Jelly and Bean 24: Still Doing What We Said We We’re Doing

Published 11 May 2013 • 54 minutes, 13 seconds

Some corrections for the discussion we had about the alternate NBN plan being offered by the Coalition; it turns out that the next Xbox is not going to require an always-on connection, at least according to a leaked memo from Microsoft; EA gets an exclusive deal to produce Star Wars games; David Tennant is rumoured to be playing Rocket Raccoon in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’; and the ‘Ender’s Game’ trailer drops.

Jelly and Bean 23: You Could See Real Life in 3D

Published 4 May 2013 • 55 minutes, 49 seconds

Microsoft makes Skype available as part of; a new trailer for Pacific Rim drops at WonderCon that gives us new insights into the movie; IMAX announces that it’s getting into private theatre installations; a new video is released that demonstrates the full potential of Microsoft’s Illumiroom tech; Google Glass is rooted, and turned into a surveillance system, with some serious privacy consequences.

Mobile Couch 7: I Wrote My Own C String Library

Published 30 April 2013 • 54 minutes, 13 seconds

Why you would go to WWDC (assuming you manage to get a ticket); a new plugin manager for Xcode, Alcatraz, is released; techniques for debugging your apps, including a discussion about profiling using Instruments and how it helps you track down issues. Also this week, we”re joined by Ben Trengrove, who is taking over hosting from Caleb.

Jelly and Bean 22: He’s Not Don Cheadle, So It Doesn’t Matter

Published 27 April 2013 • 1 hour, 14 minutes

Microsoft announces the announcement date for the next generation Xbox; NBNCo announces gigabit plans that will drop around December; Razer accidentally offer 90% off and then honour it; the first trailer for Thor 2 hits the internet; and Iron Man 3 is released in Australia.

Wez Wanders 7: The Buses Feel Like You Are Going to Die

Published 24 April 2013 • 1 hour, 8 minutes

On this episode of the Wez Wanders Podcast we are joined by Michael Tieso from Art of Backpacking, and Jeremy and Angie Jones from Living the Dream RTW, and we talk about the TBU travel bloggers book, a tourist briefly going missing in South America, and some weird foods we’ve eaten around the world.

Jelly and Bean 21: It Has a Goatee, So We Know It’s the Evil One

Published 20 April 2013 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Raven takes back the source code for Jedi Knight II; Google adds a feature to help you delete your data when you die; the Google Glass specs are finally revealed; Funny or Die releases the first Steve Jobs movie: iSteve; new trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel drop; an Jelly gives his thoughts on Oblivion, the new Tom Cruise sci-fi movie.

Mobile Couch 6: Commander Riker is in Ten Forward

Published 16 April 2013 • 57 minutes, 29 seconds

The importance of user-testing apps and some techniques for testing with users; making apps accessible for vision-impared users; using plugins with Xcode; and the team behind CocoaPods releases CocoaDocs: a single source for open-source library documentation.

Jelly and Bean 20: Fiber is Good for Your Digestion

Published 13 April 2013 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Raven Software releases the source code for two Star Wars games; Facebook Home arrives on the Google Play store; the Coalition Party announces their NBN alternative; a Microsoft employee (well, ex-employee) tells Twitter to “Deal With It” in regards to the rumours of an always-on next generation Xbox; and Apple and Yahoo start working together to provide deeper integration of Yahoo data in iOS.

Wez Wanders 6: Indiana Jones Has a Satchel

Published 10 April 2013 • 41 minutes, 28 seconds

Joined by Cailin O’Neil and Jeremy Jones we chat about immersion travel, and if you can truly immerse yourself in a culture, the Samoan weight prices on flights, and the joint venture between Amadeus and UNICEF to raise money. All this and more.

Jelly and Bean 19: Inherently Skeptical of Movie Video Games

Published 6 April 2013 • 52 minutes, 13 seconds

EA shifts blame for the lack of offline play in Simcity onto Maxis; BBC announces the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper for the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who; Disney shuts down LucasArts and two Star Wars games along with it; the original screenplay for “The Star Wars” gets the graphic novel treatment from Dark Horse; a sweet little throwback trailer for Star Trek: the Video Game is released; and Tell Tale releases Poker Night 2.