Wez Wanders

Travel, photography, and everything in between.

This podcast is no longer in production.

Discussing travel, travel related news, destinations, budget travel, travel tips, and backpacking, the Wez Wanders podcast is a show about travel, photography, and everything in between.

Wez loves to chat about travel, share what he has discovered during travel over the years, and also inspire people to travel. Also joined by various travellers and travel bloggers throughout the podcast to share their experiences too.

9: I Must Push the Button!

Published 23 May 2013 • 54 minutes, 24 seconds

In this episode I was joined by Steve Miller aka the QiRanger, and we talk about the ethics behind e-begging, or asking for donations on your website, the latest mistakes from Air India, and just general chit-chat.

8: Reminiscing About South East Asia

Published 11 May 2013 • 1 hour, 11 minutes

On this episode of the podcast I was joined by my good friend Jimmy, who accompanied me on a trip we made to South East Asia in 2011. We reminisced about our journeys through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore, chatting about the experiences we had, the places we liked, and our travel adventures.

7: The Buses Feel Like You Are Going to Die

Published 24 April 2013 • 1 hour, 8 minutes

On this episode of the Wez Wanders Podcast we are joined by Michael Tieso from Art of Backpacking, and Jeremy and Angie Jones from Living the Dream RTW, and we talk about the TBU travel bloggers book, a tourist briefly going missing in South America, and some weird foods we’ve eaten around the world.

6: Indiana Jones Has a Satchel

Published 10 April 2013 • 41 minutes, 28 seconds

Joined by Cailin O’Neil and Jeremy Jones we chat about immersion travel, and if you can truly immerse yourself in a culture, the Samoan weight prices on flights, and the joint venture between Amadeus and UNICEF to raise money. All this and more.

5: Our Vacations Are Our Work

Published 28 March 2013 • 43 minutes, 42 seconds

Joined by Jeremy Jones from Living the Dream as we discuss the latest installment of the best job in the world, how people are having trouble turning off from work while on holidays, and also some hotel booking websites.

3: Give Me the Free Wi-Fis

Published 31 January 2013 • 49 minutes, 44 seconds

This episode contains the Lonely Planet Top 10 Countries and Cities for 2013, an overflowing crocodile farm, and Shangi-La’s free wifi scheme, and why other chains should adopt it.

2: Disqualifications, Visas, and Travel (Oh My!)

Published 17 January 2013 • 41 minutes, 57 seconds

In this episode I talk about the Rise and Fall of Harry Fisch, a photographer disqualified from a National Geographic Photography Competition. The Thailand/Cambodia Visa Scheme and what it means for you. As well as an interview about travel with Jacob Laird.

1: Getting to Know Me

Published 1 January 2013 • 23 minutes, 34 seconds

About me, how I got started in travel, what got me interested in the beginning, and what has now started a passion for travel I never thought I’d have.