Independence 67: A Milestone, Not a Disappointment

Published 14 June 2022 • 35 minutes, 7 seconds

Curtis has won an Apple Developer Award, so Alice and Jelly give him the ultimate gift: an Independence reunion. They discuss what it’s like to win such a coveted award, what they’ve been doing in the last couple of years, and whether or not any of them are actually still indies.

Independence 66: Keep Not Wearing Pants

Published 19 November 2019 • 40 minutes, 1 second

Curtis had a topic planned, but Alice and Jelly ruined everything. The three talk about their experiences through out the course of Independence, how things have changed, why it’s ending, and ultimately answer the question of whether they still aim to be independent.

Independence 65: Subscriptions

Published 5 November 2019 • 31 minutes, 42 seconds

If you’re considering doing an app with subscriptions, there’s some things you may want to consider before you make that move, as it’s not necessarily the best answer for every situation. Curtis and Jelly have been using subscriptions for a while, so Alice quizzes them on how things have been going, in the hopes that it’ll give her an answer on whether she should move to using them herself.

Independence 64: Post-Launch Review

Published 22 October 2019 • 45 minutes, 43 seconds

After launching a new thing—or an update to a thing—Jelly likes to stop, look back at the process, and evaluate how things went. For him, it involves considering the answers to some key questions, and he decides that it’s worth forcing Alice and Curtis through this process. Together, they discuss recent launches, how they went, and what they feel could have gone better… or worse.

Silver Screen Queens 334: Hustlers

Published 16 October 2019 • 38 minutes, 9 seconds

This movie went from zero to “might win J.Lo an Oscar” in no time at all. As a woman-directed female-led crime story, we couldn’t wait to see it.

Silver Screen Queens 333: Joker

Published 9 October 2019 • 37 minutes, 41 seconds

We didn’t really want to watch this, but we absolutely had to be part of the conversation. When people start maligning our much-loved comic book movies and thinking they can do it better, we need to get in there and see for ourselves. Joaquin Phoenix plays this (apparently) grittier, more realistic version of the Joker, directed by The Hangover’s Todd Phillips, trying to reinvent himself as an auteur. Did it deserve the top prize at Venice? We discuss.

Independence 63: Ethical Businesses

Published 8 October 2019 • 33 minutes, 7 seconds

Running a successful business is hard, and with the myriad of decisions that you make, it’s also difficult to do so in an ethical way. Alice, Curtis, and Jelly look back at the decisions they’ve made in trying to run ethical businesses, how they’ve worked out long term, and whether they’ve been the right choices in the long term.

Silver Screen Queens 332: Knock Down the House

Published 2 October 2019 • 37 minutes, 9 seconds

In 2018, documentary filmmaker Rachel Lear’s followed four non-traditional female candidates for the congressional primaries. One of those candidates was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and so this film has a ringside seat to the rise of one of the most exciting new progressive voices of our age.

Silver Screen Queens 331: Ad Astra

Published 25 September 2019 • 43 minutes, 2 seconds

Brad Pitt is getting some later-career Oscar buzz for this performance as a lone astronaut journeying across the solar system to find his missing dad. We love a good sci-fi, and that premise had us intrigued.

Independence 62: Data Privacy

Published 24 September 2019 • 35 minutes, 13 seconds

If there’s one thing that’s important when building a business around software, it’s data, but there are also downsides to collecting the data, both for us as business-owners, and for our customers. Alice, Jelly and Curtis talk about their approaches to data collection, and why it’s best to keep privacy in mind when creating software.