Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 10: Speculate Wildly About Things

11 June 2013 • 1 hour, 16 minutes

Following up on asking for reviews and how it makes users feel; a comparison of ways to pass messages back and forth between classes: delegates, notifications and blocks; some speculation on what additions iOS 7 will bring which we can implement in our apps; and a little overview of Reveal from Itty Bitty Apps.

Jelly and Bean 28: Bean There, Don That

8 June 2013 • 1 hour, 4 seconds

Podcasting is under threat from a patent troll, and you can help defend it; Karen Gillan and Benicio Del Toro both join the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy; Matt Smith announces that he’s leaving Doctor Who and the world goes into a casting frenzy; Arrested Development returns with a new season of the beloved show; and DC’s Fables is heading to the movies.

Silver Screen Queens 4: The Visitation

6 June 2013 • 30 minutes, 34 seconds

This week Katie and Melissa talk about Christian horror film The Visitation. In a small town in rural Texas, Pastor Travis has lost his wife, his faith and his dog. All around him people are being healed, and a charismatic young man appears, giving hope to townspeople who had lost their way. But all is not as it seems…

Jelly and Bean 27: Accidentally Let the Kids Use It as a Frisbee

1 June 2013 • 47 minutes, 51 seconds

News and rumours spread about the used game situations on the Xbox One and the PS4; the boys discuss the potential for having a single ecosystem of devices that all work together; Gillette releases several celebrities’ theories about how Superman shaves (because of the beard in the latest trailers for Man of Steel) and the boys take the opportunity to come up with their own theory.

Silver Screen Queens 3: Big Trouble in Little China

30 May 2013 • 30 minutes, 51 seconds

Continuing on their eclectic podcasting journey, this week Katie and Mel take on a cult classic. Directed by John Carpenter and released in 1986, Big Trouble In Little China stars Kurt Russell, his mullet, Kim Cattrall and Dennis Dun. It’s a fun, silly, smart supernatural action romp through the underside of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Mobile Couch 9: We’re Gonna Put a Couch on Stage

28 May 2013 • 54 minutes, 28 seconds

One More Thing conference is over and Ben and Jelly give their in-depth recap, touching on interesting (and helpful!) talks from Amanda Rösler, Simeon Saëns, Dave Wiskus, Lex Friedman, Maggie Steciuk and Jaimee Newberry. Jake talks about his experiences with Mapbox and Tilemill, a set of services that allow you to easily use custom maps in your iOS applications.

Jelly and Bean 26: They Have Their Own Anthem Now

25 May 2013 • 1 hour, 12 minutes

ABC picks up Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and drops a trailer proving Agent Coulson is still alive and kicking butts; a new game is announced for Adventure Time and it’s coming to all of the major consoles; Yahoo! buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion cash; and Microsoft announces the Xbox One.

Wez Wanders 9: I Must Push the Button!

23 May 2013 • 54 minutes, 24 seconds

In this episode I was joined by Steve Miller aka the QiRanger, and we talk about the ethics behind e-begging, or asking for donations on your website, the latest mistakes from Air India, and just general chit-chat.

Silver Screen Queens 2: Some Like It Hot

23 May 2013 • 32 minutes, 1 second

This week the girls go way back to look at one of their favourite movies, Some Like It Hot, released in 1959, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

Jelly and Bean 25: His Distrust of All Things Vulcan

18 May 2013 • 1 hour, 12 seconds

Star Trek Into Darkness hits Australian cinemas and the boys take the opportunity to dedicate an entire episode to pulling it apart and comparing it to the original series of Star Trek from the 1960s.