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Mobile Couch 95: Quickly Close It Again

31 October 2016 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Ben and Jelly run through a quick and dirty primary of Git, one of the most popular version control systems around today. Starting from the very basics, they run through all the things you need to know to use it in your day to day work, why you should be using some method of version control, and the clients they use to make things nice and easy to manage.

Silver Screen Queens 180: The Girl on the Train

26 October 2016 • 45 minutes, 18 seconds

Another blockbuster novel turned film, The Girl on the Train has quite a bit in common with 2014’s Gone Girl, although executed with less finesse. It has some strong points, namely the prioritising of womens’ viewpoints, a serious discussion of domestic abuse, and a great lead performance from Emily Blunt, but the structure is messy and there are plot holes big enough to drive a train through.

Silver Screen Queens 179: Deepwater Horizon

19 October 2016 • 44 minutes, 30 seconds

SSQ favourites Dylan O’Brien and Gina Rodriguez star in this dramatisation of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster that led to the worst oil spill in US history, creating devastation in the Gulf of Mexico. We went in not expecting much, coming from the director of BATTLESHIP, but we were mistaken. The movie approaches its subject matter with compassion and humanity and largely avoids some of the more dire disaster movie clichés.

Mobile Couch 94: Smells Like a Duck

17 October 2016 • 49 minutes, 8 seconds

Once again, the Apple developer community has been host to scandal! Not a pair to leave this opportunity behind, Ben and Jelly discuss how developers can learn from this, looking at the mistakes that were made, how to avoid them, and what you need to remember when things go bad.

Silver Screen Queens 178: Luke Cage Season 1

12 October 2016 • 2 hours, 5 minutes

Another TV interlude as the first season of Netflix’s LUKE CAGE drops. We’re joined by our friend Jamie Butlin to talk being bulletproof, series storytelling and snake-based villains. Luke Cage’s Harlem is beautifully realised, the music is off the charts, and the acting is top notch, especially Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard. But while the show is extremely progressive in some aspects, it’s treatment of women isn’t great, and the pacing would have benefitted from allowing the story to breathe a little. WARNING: SPOILERS.

Silver Screen Queens 177: The Magnificent Seven

5 October 2016 • 32 minutes, 41 seconds

Bereft of new ideas, Hollywood is re-making classic films, but with Antoine Fuqua helming, Denzel Washington in the lead and a Chris, we thought this one was worth a look. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand up well against Seven Samurai or the 1960 Hollywood version, but it has some fun moments and a genuine commitment to re-examining some of the prejudices inherent in the myth of the wild west.

Mobile Couch 93: Expanding Your Mind, Man

3 October 2016 • 52 minutes, 54 seconds

With Ben in London, Casey Liss rejoins Jelly on the couch to talk about leaving .Net behind for a career in the Apple ecosystem, his experience with RxSwift, and wrapping your brain around new things. Meanwhile, Jelly reflects on his recent GIFwrapepd update and his approach when migrating it from Objective-C to Swift.

Silver Screen Queens 176: Pete’s Dragon

28 September 2016 • 37 minutes, 41 seconds

Disney has remade its wacky 1970s adventure about a boy and his dragon with a high-profile cast and a spectacular setting. While 2010s sensibilities may be more aesthetically pleasing, the lack of wackiness made this remake quite dull. We review it, and pitch a rewrite to make it better.

Silver Screen Queens 175: The Little Prince

21 September 2016 • 33 minutes, 9 seconds

Following a weird snafu with its distribution, this animated adaptation of the classic French children’s’ book finally found an English-speaking home on Netflix. While Mel loved it and found it both beautiful and true to the source material, Katie was not charmed and found it disturbingly infantilising.

Mobile Couch 92: Like a Cave Man

19 September 2016 • 56 minutes, 11 seconds

How do you lay out your views? Ben and Jelly look over the different methods available on both iOS and Android, and compare their experiences with each. Together they uncover some of the oddities that can pop up in various circumstances, how to get around them, and which approach rules them all.