Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 28: Whitespace Wars

31 March 2014 • 1 hour, 14 minutes

The couch discusses about code styles and conventions: using tabs or spaces, casing in class names, and how to name consts. Along the way, Ben, Jake and Jelly touch on whether consistency is important for teams, judging people based on their style choices, and getting Xcode to enforce your own specific style.

Silver Screen Queens 44: The Monuments Men

26 March 2014 • 32 minutes, 3 seconds

George Clooney gets a bunch of dudes together because he’d like to hang out with them. There’s a vague plot in there somewhere about saving important works of art from the Nazis. Bill Murray and Bob Balaban have an excellent buddy movie sub-plot.

Silver Screen Queens 43: Veronica Mars

19 March 2014 • 31 minutes, 52 seconds

Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas and 91,000 devoted Veronica Mars fans resurrected this much-loved TV series for a movie set nine years later on the eve of Veronica’s ten year high school reunion. Logan Echolls is in trouble (again) over a dead girlfriend (again) and Veronica can’t resist helping him.

Mobile Couch 27: You Can Sit Next to a Black Hole

17 March 2014 • 1 hour, 16 minutes

Jake and Ben tell us all about their experiences using Bluetooth LE beacons as part of their most recent joint project: how beacons work, triangulating a user’s location by laying out a series of beacons, plus iOS7’s iBeacon API, and issues you’ll run into in real world usage. In the meantime, Jelly updates everyone on how GIFwrapped is doing, and we discuss a bunch of completely unrelated topics, like geoblocks, House of Cards and fake phone numbers.

Silver Screen Queens 42: Non-Stop

12 March 2014 • 33 minutes, 57 seconds

Liam Neeson plays a grizzled, alcoholic air marshal faced with a hijacker toying with him on a New York to London flight. Michelle Dockery, Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong’o are in support and the whole thing is a big fun action movie.

Silver Screen Queens 41: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

5 March 2014 • 39 minutes, 52 seconds

Mel and Katie review this overlooked cult classic in-the-making from 2013. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play our titular heroes in a bloody tale of swords, sorcery and revenge. It’s fun, feminist and full of f-words (the movie that is, this is a family podcast!)

Mobile Couch 26: The Prize is No Ads

3 March 2014 • 1 hour, 19 seconds

Lessons learned from the launch of Jelly’s latest app, GIFwrapped: expedited reviews, asking for reviews within the update notes, helping users, enabling and setting up iAd, as well as disabling Ads for beta testers.

Silver Screen Queens 40: Galaxy Quest

26 February 2014 • 33 minutes, 53 seconds

A loving tribute to sci-fi television and its fans, and something of a nerd classic, Galaxy Quest tells the story of the alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to play their roles for real when an alien race needs their help. Best watched with wine.

Silver Screen Queens 39: Robocop

19 February 2014 • 31 minutes, 16 seconds

It’s another twofer, as Mel and Katie watch the RoboCop remake and revisit the 1987 original. They reminisce about a simpler time when an R-rating and a mad director gave us something completely off the wall, then look at the more serious remake, featuring brilliant performances from Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton in supporting roles.

Mobile Couch 25: God Rest Its Soul

17 February 2014 • 1 hour, 8 minutes

Marc Edwards - designer and podcast co-host - claims a spot on the couch to share how Bjango got started building Mac and iOS apps, as well as some insight on Skala and its place in the world. We also talk about reducing the build-adjust-build cycle, the importance of having some technical knowledge when designing software, and wax lyrical about the future of user interfaces.