Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 69: Locke

17 September 2014 • 33 minutes, 3 seconds

Ivan Locke, a father and construction manager, receives a phone call on the eve of the biggest job of his career that sets in motion a series of events that threaten his apparently secure and happy existence.

Mobile Couch 40: Tapping on Their Wrists in Morse Code

15 September 2014 • 1 hour, 24 minutes

Ben is back, and the couch dives into the September Apple event to try and determine what the future of development is going to be like with bigger screens, extensions that live on your wrist and the idea of connected devices.

Silver Screen Queens 68: Boyhood

10 September 2014 • 43 minutes, 3 seconds

The story of Mason, a boy growing up in Texas between 2002 and 2013, shot in increments over that time. A languid slice of life about being a boy in America in the last decade and a half.

Silver Screen Queens 67: Predestination

3 September 2014 • 45 minutes, 18 seconds

Australian directors the Spierig brothers adapt a challenging and thought-provoking short story into an ambitious sci-fi thriller. Sarah Snook gets the breakthrough role of her career, ably assisted by Ethan Hawke.

Silver Screen Queens 66: Sharknado

27 August 2014 • 38 minutes, 34 seconds

The city of Los Angeles is overrun by shark-infested tornadoes. Chaos ensues and Ian Ziering’s Fin (geddit) must race against the fast-moving monsters of the deep to save his family and friends.

Silver Screen Queens 65: Hercules

20 August 2014 • 36 minutes, 39 seconds

Legendary wrestling hero Dwayne Johnson plays legendary Greek hero Hercules in this surprisingly high quality B-movie that makes the most of the source material to deliver a genuinely empowering message with a lot of heart.

Silver Screen Queens 64: Lucy

13 August 2014 • 30 minutes, 10 seconds

Scarlett Johansson finally gets to headline her own action flick in Luc Besson’s not-as-smart-as-it-thinks-it-is LUCY. Still, she kicks butt and audiences desperate for a Black Widow solo movie flock to see it.

Silver Screen Queens 63: Guardians of the Galaxy

6 August 2014 • 51 minutes, 51 seconds

Earth child Peter Quill is kidnapped by space pirates in 1988, after tragically watching his mother get fridged. 25 years later, he steals a valuable orb coveted by the villainous Kree, Ronan, and hooks up with a ragtag band of misfits to help save the world and deal with his daddy and mommy issues.