Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 81: Nightcrawler

10 December 2014 • 35 minutes, 21 seconds

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a merciless LA hustler breaking into the voyeuristic world of crime scene paparazzi. To say any more would be to spoil this intense and uncomfortable thriller, so wait ‘til you’ve seen it before listening to this episode.

Mobile Couch 46: Flipping the Boolean

8 December 2014 • 53 minutes, 53 seconds

Jelly’s done his homework, so the couch explores his solution to getting a scrollview to page with peeking content. They also weigh in on Watchkit, discussing the way it works and what the future implications might be.

Silver Screen Queens 80: Her

3 December 2014 • 31 minutes, 31 seconds

A big favourite of the last Oscar season that we missed out on, we catch up on Her. We provide the useful consumer advice, probably too late for most, that this is not a film to pick for a video night with your parents.

Silver Screen Queens 79: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

26 November 2014 • 38 minutes, 30 seconds

Katniss Everdeen survived a second hunger games (just), and now the rebellion is in open war against the Capitol. Katie is not emotionally prepared for this. Mel is over-invested in the fate of the cat. The best-named characters in literature are back for the penultimate Hunger Games movie. Feels abound.

Mobile Couch 45: Cynical About a Lot of Things

24 November 2014 • 58 minutes, 17 seconds

Ben rejoins the couch from London, and Jake discusses his beacon woes, some tips and tricks he’s picked up while developing with Swift, and the recent open-sourcing of .Net frameworks by Microsoft.

Silver Screen Queens 78: Interstellar

19 November 2014 • 59 minutes, 14 seconds

Christopher Nolan returns with a long, noisy, serious hard sci-fi film, Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey plays a down-home dad, NASA pilot and engineer sent on a mission to find a planet not yet ruined by humans.

Silver Screen Queens 77: Fury

12 November 2014 • 35 minutes, 51 seconds

Brad Pitt and a ragtag band of misfits have survived for most of WWII in their battered old tank, Fury. Newbie Norman, lately called up to the front from a desk job, must replace a beloved member of the team and accompany them on one last mission.

Silver Screen Queens 76: The Captive

5 November 2014 • 36 minutes, 14 seconds

In a snowy Canadian winter, a little girl goes missing from the back of her father’s car. Atom Egoyan directs an episodic and bleak film that isn’t what you expect it to be.

Silver Screen Queens 75: The Cabin in the Woods

29 October 2014 • 46 minutes, 3 seconds

Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon made a small horror film about horror films. It also happens to be one of Katie’s top five movies, so we’ve chosen it for our Halloween special!