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Silver Screen Queens 96: Kingsman: The Secret Service

25 March 2015 • 26 minutes, 38 seconds

Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn, the team behind Kick-Ass, re-team for this hyper-violent, mean-spirited homage to spy movies featuring image conscious secret agents shaken up by the introduction of a working class boy called Eggs.

Mobile Couch 53: Too Much Syntax

23 March 2015 • 1 hour, 9 minutes

While Ben is at NSConference, Jake and Jelly compensate by talking about the new Macbook, Jake’s recent experience with converting a Swift 1.0 project to 1.2, and a couple of Haneke-related tricks they’ve learned recently.

Topical 2: Nicknames

20 March 2015 • 18 minutes, 30 seconds

If anything is certain, it’s that Jelly has a really odd nickname. He also has some pretty specific ideas about how others should refer to him, so he and Russell discuss the origin of their online handles, the names they prefer other people call them by, and why Jelly should have taken his wife’s name when he got married.

Silver Screen Queens 95: The Theory of Everything

18 March 2015 • 30 minutes, 14 seconds

Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne act their hearts out in this biopic based on Jane Hawking’s not-so-flattering portrait of her former husband Stephen Hawking. While the movie is thinly-veiled Oscar bait (congratulations Eddie; we love you!), we think it’s lacking something.

Topical 1: Watch

13 March 2015 • 30 minutes, 17 seconds

Sure, Apple now have a $10,000 watch which is made out of a special gold, but is this the beginning of an Apple which no longer produces things that we care about? Russell certainly thinks so.

Silver Screen Queens 94: Big Hero 6

11 March 2015 • 31 minutes, 54 seconds

When a devastating event kills his brother Tadashi and lands his robot technology in the hands of a villain, Hiro Hamada upgrades his brother’s health companion robot Baymax and works with his talented friends to transform into a team of superheroes and save the city.

Mobile Couch 52: It’s a Dubbit

9 March 2015 • 1 hour, 11 minutes

Jelly’s had some wine, and a long day to boot, so after a failed first attempt at recording the episode, the couch talks developing for Android, goes into more detail about the value types discussion from the last episode, discusses the Blue and Black/White and Gold dress dilemma, and makes predictions for the “Spring Forward” event.

Topical 0: Topical

6 March 2015 • 18 minutes, 38 seconds

Russell wants to start a podcast, but Jelly’s not sure. He doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands (worst excuse ever), but he’s at least willing to hear Russell out. Along the way, they talk Crossy Road, whether there is a limit to the cuteness of puppies, and evil laughs.

Silver Screen Queens 93: Jupiter Ascending

4 March 2015 • 41 minutes, 31 seconds

The Wachowskis have made one of the most original movies in ages, a melodramatic space opera, about a (female!) chosen one who discovers she’s a queen. Also, something about bees.

Silver Screen Queens 92: Annie

25 February 2015 • 34 minutes, 51 seconds

Late last year we saw a movie we’d been anticipating for some time: a remake of the musical Annie starring Quevenzhané Wallis. While Wallis is on point, the end result was something of a film by committee.