Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 112: Magic Mike XXL

15 July 2015 • 42 minutes, 35 seconds

Look, it’s two hours of attractive shirtless men who treat women really well. Plot and character development do not feature heavily, but with that premise, who cares? A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours, especially when enhanced by good company and good booze.

Mobile Couch 61: A Lower Priority

13 July 2015 • 40 minutes, 55 seconds

Following-up from the last episode, Jelly tries to recover from his failed attempts to explain why he believes that opening up Radar isn’t the solution to all of Apple’s issues with bug reporting.

Topical 18: Birthdays

10 July 2015 • 17 minutes, 55 seconds

It’s Jelly’s birthday, so Russell breaks out the helium balloons and the two get to the bottom of what birthdays are all about. Along the way they talk about what their ideal birthdays would be, buying gifts and the change that social media has brought to the party.

Topical 17: Jet Lag

3 July 2015 • 21 minutes, 13 seconds

Having just gotten back from his trip to San Francisco, Russell has just a touch of jet lag. He and Jelly talk about what they’re each like when they’re tired and how easily they can each push through. They then move on to talking their strategies for beating jet lag, from setting their clocks to the destination timezone, to some crazy Australian invention that shines light in your eyes…?

Silver Screen Queens 110: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

1 July 2015 • 34 minutes, 36 seconds

We finally get to see the Iranian Spaghetti Western Vampire flick everyone is talking about. Ana Lily Amirpour’s gorgeous debut feature is attention-grabbing, intelligent and subversive, and a welcome departure from the more formulaic fare we are used to.

Mobile Couch 60: Automated Monkeys

29 June 2015 • 1 hour, 13 minutes

In the wake of WWDC, the couch discuss their favourite sessions and lab experiences, and some of the answers to the questions they had following the keynote.

Topical 16: Web vs. Native

26 June 2015 • 23 minutes, 13 seconds

It’s a discussion that’s been brewing amongst developers for many years. In an effort to decide once and for all, Russell and Jelly talk through their preferences for mail clients, photos apps and everyone’s favourite web-based chat app to figure out the solution.

Silver Screen Queens 109: Inside Out

24 June 2015 • 33 minutes, 47 seconds

Pixar has a new film about the emotions inside a girl’s head as she moves through a tumultuous time in her life. It’s…fine. Charming as always but perhaps a little ambitious. We fire up our control panels to generate some thoughts, trying not to be distracted by Brazilian helicopter pilots along the way.

Topical 15: Workplaces

19 June 2015 • 23 minutes, 41 seconds

Now that Jelly’s working from home, it seems like the perfect opportunity for he and Russell to discuss the differences between that and working in an office. They discuss what they each struggle with, and Jelly gives some suggestions on how to make working by yourself a little easier.