Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 107: The Book of Life

10 June 2015 • 34 minutes, 11 seconds

This beautifully animated movie about the Day of the Dead came out a few months ago, but we’ve only just found time to schedule it. A fairly pedestrian love triangle is livened up by some interfering deities and Channing Tatum as a character he was born to play.

Topical 13: I/O vs. WWDC

5 June 2015 • 23 minutes, 41 seconds

Russell is in San Francisco to attend Google and Apple’s respective developer conferences. Both happen at roughly the same time of the year, and even in the same building. Nevertheless, the two conferences are quite different, and might even say a lot about the differences between the two companies themselves.

Silver Screen Queens 106: San Andreas

3 June 2015 • 42 minutes, 11 seconds

You guys know how we feel about The Rock. He’s back playing a rescue chopper pilot in LA as a series of unprecedented earthquakes rock the San Andreas fault and threaten his family. Daddy’s got to go to work. Again.

Mobile Couch 58: A Lot of Clicking Around

1 June 2015 • 1 hour, 14 minutes

With Ben off attending Google I/O, Jake and Jelly talk art exhibitions, storyboards, Jelly’s struggle with sync, and prepping for WWDC.

Topical 12: Communication

29 May 2015 • 17 minutes, 33 seconds

From speaking to writing to Matrix-style information download, Jelly and Russell tackle the concept of people communicating with each other, and try and figure out what the ultimate form of communication looks like. Along the way they discuss the flaws with various kinds of communication, along with the issues they have when communicating with each other.

Silver Screen Queens 105: Spy

27 May 2015 • 33 minutes, 49 seconds

Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy join up with some hilarious folk including SSQ favourite Miranda Hart, everyone’s favourite Allison Janney, and comic revelation Jason Statham to make a spy movie. It’s a sharp, funny take on a genre ripe for parody and much the better for this cliché-smashing effort.

Topical 11: Friday

22 May 2015 • 14 minutes, 47 seconds

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Jelly and Russell are looking forward to the weekend, but how exactly do people get themselves out of work mode and into… non-work mode? They enlist the help of Russell’s pals from Shifty Jelly to figure out what people do on their weekends, and whether it even makes a difference.

Silver Screen Queens 104: Mad Max: Fury Road

20 May 2015 • 37 minutes, 16 seconds

Unless you’ve been stranded in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’ve probably heard that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is a badass feminist action movie. It is that, and so much more. Strap yourselves in, and watch out for flame-throwing guitars.

Mobile Couch 57: What Has Happened Before Will Happen Again

18 May 2015 • 46 minutes, 49 seconds

With the videos from the final NSConference out to watch for free, the couch discuss some favourites, as well as conferences in general. Plus, a brief look at presenting alternate view controllers, such as onboarding screens and login dialogs.

Topical 10: Independent Podcasts

15 May 2015 • 29 minutes, 51 seconds

Jelly and Russell are unexpectedly joined by a mysterious guest. Having established that he has the power to just drop into podcasts at will, they decide to go with it and explore the seedy world of Independent Podcasting. What they learn is both equal parts disturbing and intriguing.