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Silver Screen Queens 116: Fantastic Four

12 August 2015 • 35 minutes, 28 seconds

In order to keep the rights away from Marvel, Fox decided to make a film about the Fantastic Four, even though the most recent one was released only eight years ago. After a troubled production, and an even more troubled post-production, we go in with low expectations.

Mobile Couch 63: Only Ever Accept Salmon

10 August 2015 • 39 minutes, 56 seconds

Jelly and Ben start the show by covering some quick follow-up about CocoaPods and Carthage, which blurs the lines between their differences. This leads into a quick discussion about how CocoaPods is now being supported by a bunch of companies with libraries, such as Google, Twitter and Hockey.

Topical 22: Facebook

7 August 2015 • 19 minutes, 6 seconds

With 10 years under it’s belt, Facebook has gone from being a tiny college start-up to being not just the world’s largest social network, but also a fundamental part of people’s lives. But is it anything more than just a platform for staying in touch with family members you’d rather forget existed?

Silver Screen Queens 115: Trainwreck

5 August 2015 • 33 minutes, 32 seconds

Amy Schumer’s big debut is a funny romantic comedy that subverts some common rom com tropes and gives a sharp social commentary. Bill Hader, LeBron James (really!) and Brie Larson provide strong support while John Cena marks himself out as another great wrestler-turned-actor.

Topical 21: Technical Debt

31 July 2015 • 22 minutes, 4 seconds

Technical debt is something that every developer finds themselves dealing with at some point. As code ages, the need to maintain and update older code becomes more and more important, but how and when do you do that?

Silver Screen Queens 114: Paper Towns

29 July 2015 • 39 minutes, 59 seconds

The movie adaptation of one of John Green’s less famous young adult novels, Paper Towns starts out like a million other coming-of-age stories about an 18 year old boy in love with a manic pixie dream girl, but mid-way through takes a turn for the interesting. We meander through our favourite teen movies while mulling over the movie’s big themes.

Mobile Couch 62: Google Your Problem

27 July 2015 • 50 minutes, 42 seconds

After touching on some Core Data follow-up, Jake proposes that the couch talk about Frameworks. Apple’s Cocoa includes a lot of things, and arguably more than most other first-party SDK, but there’s alway a need for additional frameworks to solve common issues.

Topical 20: Emotions

24 July 2015 • 22 minutes, 37 seconds

Humans are emotional beings, and when you give them an outlet like the internet, there’s bound to be some emotional carnage. When a sneaky visitor attempts to subvert Jelly’s hosting chair, the three decide to explore how emotions affect life on the internet, and what happens when you log off.

Silver Screen Queens 113: Ant-Man

22 July 2015 • 44 minutes, 54 seconds

Because there aren’t enough charming white guys with their own superhero franchise, Marvel has once again mined their archives for Scott Lang, played by long-time SSQ favourite Paul Rudd. Ex-con Lang is recruited by reclusive millionaire scientist Dr. Hank Pam to steal technology from Pym’s former company.

Topical 19: Business Models

17 July 2015 • 27 minutes, 19 seconds

In making products, and software in particular, at what point can you call your venture a success? Jelly and Russell take a look at their own ventures and try to determine the best model for creating and selling apps, and how to make such a thing sustainable.