Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 73: Somewhere in the Middle

28 December 2015 • 48 minutes, 26 seconds

Ben and Jelly take a look back at the things they’ve learned over the past year with their approach to work as well as with the technical side of development. They reflect on what’s changed for them, and look forward to next year to consider things they’d like to approach and try in the future.

Topical 42: Santa

25 December 2015 • 21 minutes, 58 seconds

Christmas is here and Santa has been and gone for another year, causing Russell and Jelly to take a hard look at the cultural phenomenon that is Santa Claus. Kids love him and parents proselytise him, but he’s not exactly the most modern of characters… so while they’re at it, our hosts bring him into the modern world with a little inspiration from their favourite superheroes!

Silver Screen Queens 135: Rewatched Crossover Episode: Jessica Jones

22 December 2015 • 1 hour, 42 minutes

In this extra special episode, we join our friend Craig Moore from the Repacked Podcast to talk Jessica Jones. We meander through a long, rambly, occasionally shouty discussion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, superheroes and the Marvel’s Netflix ‘Defenders’ shows.

Topical 41: Batteries

18 December 2015 • 21 minutes, 36 seconds

With Apple moving to devices that charge using a lightning cable, Jelly feels like it’s the perfect time for he and Russell to look at the things that power our modern devices, from the disappointing lack of inductive charging to tales of espionage within the industry.

Silver Screen Queens 134: The (Existing) Star Wars Movies

16 December 2015 • 1 hour, 57 minutes

Only a few days ahead of the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, we rewatch the prequels (I KNOW!) and the beloved original trilogy. There’s nothing like embracing the hype around a new Star Wars movie; join us!

Mobile Couch 72: Don’t Even Have a Response to That

14 December 2015 • 41 minutes, 2 seconds

Christmas came early this year as Apple followed through on their promise to open-source the Swift language. Ben and Jelly take a look at all the things that have been included in this somewhat unprecedented release (it may even blow your mind) and look at what this might mean for the future, both for the platforms Swift now extends to, and for its predecessor, Objective-C.

Topical 40: Caffeine

11 December 2015 • 20 minutes, 53 seconds

It’s almost impossible to completely avoid caffeine in the modern age. From coffee and tea, to chocolate and sodas, it’s one of the most prevalent — and accepted — drugs on the planet. Jelly and Russell look at their experiences, from how they first got into coffee, to addiction, and even a little science about how coffee affects the human body.

Silver Screen Queens 133: Home Alone

9 December 2015 • 32 minutes, 28 seconds

This year, we’re celebrating Christmas a little early (there’s a small, indie sci-fi coming out on 17 December, don’t know if you’ve heard?) with a look at a family Christmas classic that has just celebrated its 25th birthday. Home Alone manages to capture lightning in a bottle, featuring an astonishing script from John Hughes, one of the best directors of children in the business, Chris Columbus, and a perfect score from the master John Williams, not to mention wonderful performances from some brilliant comedic performers and a 10 year-old Macaulay Culkin at his impish best.

Topical 39: Stress

4 December 2015 • 17 minutes, 45 seconds

Stress is a pretty normal — and somewhat negative — part of life, so Russell and Jelly take a look at how stress affects them: from the kind of stress they deal with, to the way it tends to accumulate, and finally how they deal with it… or at least try to deal with it.