Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 77: The Green Ladybug

22 February 2016 • 1 hour, 1 minute

Jelly’s been using JetBrain’s AppCode to get some work done in the last few weeks, and he and Ben go over the overall experience. Together, they discuss some of AppCode’s best features: inspections, the incredible level of customisation it provides, and best of all, Swift refactoring. It wasn’t all happy though, and Jelly also spends some time unloading on Ben about the issues he faced, how he dealt with it, and what JetBrain’s support is like.

Topical 50: Television

19 February 2016 • 27 minutes, 12 seconds

Television has changed a lot over the years, both in regards to technology and also how we watch it. Russell and Jelly take a look back at the sorts of things that have impacted the shows they love, like how stories have become more and more continuous in nature, how things have started to transition to the internet, and how the advent of high-definition affected things.

Silver Screen Queens 144: Deadpool

17 February 2016 • 40 minutes, 14 seconds

After an decade-long struggle to get this character to the screen, Ryan Reynolds and crew deliver a Deadpool movie that appeals to fans and newcomers alike. Reynolds messes up his pretty, pretty face and gives us a sweary, bloody, convention-defying twist on the superhero genre.

Topical 49: Pronouns

12 February 2016 • 20 minutes, 35 seconds

Pronouns are something you learn about as part of basic English, but they play a big role in people’s lives. Russell and Jelly look at how pronouns can make people feel excluded—or worse, offended—and discuss how simple changes can make big differences.

Silver Screen Queens 143: Zoolander 2

10 February 2016 • 29 minutes, 28 seconds

15 years after their first walk-off, Derek and Hansel are older, but not much wiser, as they are pulled back into the world of modelling.

Mobile Couch 76: For That Cinematic Experience

8 February 2016 • 1 hour, 3 minutes

This past week, Ben attended the Apple TV Tech Talks in Sydney. Meanwhile, Jelly didn’t get the opportunity, so Ben covers of a lot of the major points he learned on the day, covering concepts like the “Focus Engine”, and discussing talks like the one given by the App Store Review team (a.k.a. the best talk ever). It turns out there’s a whole lot of stuff that can be easily missed when creating apps for tvOS, and if you missed the tech talks, you’ll want to listen to the end!

Topical 48: Languages

5 February 2016 • 23 minutes, 25 seconds

Languages! They’re what separates us from things that don’t have languages, and like any good standard, there’s also a whole lot of them out there. Russell and Jelly chat, in one of their all-time favourite languages, about what it’s like to know multiple languages (or not know, in Jelly’s case), how languages are learned, and how it affects their work and travel.

Silver Screen Queens 142: The Revenant

3 February 2016 • 39 minutes, 26 seconds

It’s widely tipped to take out Best Picture, and win Leonardo DiCaprio his (first) Oscar, but it’s also long, bloody, and bleak. We watch it so you don’t have to.

Topical 47: Chat Rooms

29 January 2016 • 23 minutes, 53 seconds

Chat rooms are everywhere on the internet, and are part of what makes it a great communication tool, but often it can devolve into a cesspool of hatred and offensive behaviour. Russell and Jelly discuss why this is the case, where the overall problem lies, and how this can be solved in the future. You know, for the sake of the children… and the cats.

Silver Screen Queens 141: Room

27 January 2016 • 36 minutes, 8 seconds

Brie Larson was 2015’s breakthrough star, following on from a series of scene-stealing performances, and she’s up for an Oscar for her work on ROOM, a creepy family drama about a mother and son trying to escape their captor, and the single room that was both their jail and home. Jacob Tremblay is wonderful as Larson’s son, in this subtle but affecting film based on the bestselling novel.