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Mobile Couch 79: The Rubber Duck Hat

21 March 2016 • 43 minutes, 12 seconds

In any given project, you’ll find that there are a number of different “hats” that you have to wear, such as making the hard decisions, being a user, writing code, or designing assets. Ben and Jelly take look at some of them, discussing not only how they come into play, but also how some of the common misconceptions about them.

Topical 54: Homeschool

18 March 2016 • 23 minutes, 50 seconds

Russell has some pretty specific ideas about homeschool, and given that Jelly spent a good most of his teens actually getting homeschooled, he’s on a mission to find out how it all really works. Is it different to normal school? How do grades work? Do you have to be chained to a desk in a cellar somewhere?

Silver Screen Queens 148: Zootopia

16 March 2016 • 29 minutes, 33 seconds

Disney animation studios has a new film out, and it’s surprisingly progressive, telling the story of the city’s first ever bunny cop, and the lessons she learns along the way.

Topical 53: Off the Grid

11 March 2016 • 18 minutes, 24 seconds

Having just had solar panels installed, Jelly’s getting pretty keen about living off the grid, or at least relying less on it. He and Russell talk about ways that you might reduce your reliance on utility companies, why you’d do it, and whether you have to go full dreadlocks.

Silver Screen Queens 147: Beyond the Lights

9 March 2016 • 33 minutes, 51 seconds

Over our summer holidays we caught up on this sweet indie starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a pop star trying to make her way in the difficult music world. It’s an excellent vehicle for Mbatha-Raw, if a little lacking in finesse, and it gave us something different to talk about.

Mobile Couch 78: I Should’ve Just Gone to GitHub

7 March 2016 • 43 minutes, 40 seconds

Giovanni Lodi (@mokagio) joins the couch to teach Ben and Jelly about the automation of tasks, and especially about the automation of the build and deploy process for iOS apps. Together, they look at the various Fastlane tools and what they each do, why you would automate these parts of your process, and how to recognise when something should be automated.

Topical 52: Beta Testing

4 March 2016 • 25 minutes, 17 seconds

Jelly and Russell have been on both sides of the beta testing process, and talk about what it’s like across the spectrum: from those that just post new builds and are otherwise quiet, to the betas that are more like being a part of a community, with Slack channels and cats.

Silver Screen Queens 146: Spotlight

2 March 2016 • 36 minutes, 25 seconds

Less than 24 hours before it was named the year’s Best Picture by the Academy, we watched and effusively praised SPOTLIGHT, a subtle, clever, well-told look at the journalists who uncovered the story of systematic child abuse and cover-up in the Catholic Church in Boston.

Topical 51: Encryption

26 February 2016 • 23 minutes, 8 seconds

The topic on everyone’s lips is the case of Apple vs. the FBI over the unlocking of an iPhone formerly used by a terrorist. With the government wanting Apple’s assistance bypassing some of iOS’s security features, the case has potential for consequences that reach much further than what’s apparent at first glance. But how far?

Silver Screen Queens 145: Hail, Caesar!

24 February 2016 • 31 minutes, 37 seconds

The Coen brothers take on Hollywood with an absurdist 1950s-era tale of a guy who ‘fixes’ the messes made by his high-strung talent. When his top star is kidnapped (George Clooney, charming but not fully realised), madcap antics ensue. If you’re a Coen brothers fan, you’ll probably love it, and we sure got some good laughs out of it, but it’s a fairly flimsy effort that could have used its talent and ideas more effectively.