Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 83: Hackity Hack, Don’t Look Back

16 May 2016 • 50 minutes, 25 seconds

What is good code, and how does one achieve it? Ben and Jelly spend some time working through a small project while considering the flaws, edge cases and potential shortcuts, in an effort to come up with ways to weed out bad code, while also improving the end result.

Topical 62: Launching an App

13 May 2016 • 27 minutes

It turns out launching an app isn’t as easy as it might seem. Russell and Jelly, who have one or to launches under their belt, recount the processes they go through and the things they do to try and make it successful.

Silver Screen Queens 156: Allegiant

11 May 2016 • 33 minutes, 14 seconds

In the third movie of the Divergent series, Tris and her friends escape beyond the wall, only to find themselves trapped once more. We really want to like girl-led YA franchises, so we’re sticking with this one despite its many flaws. Its young cast is trying its best, even if the writing and production values feel derivative and sometimes downright problematic.

Topical 61: Parties

6 May 2016 • 24 minutes, 31 seconds

From the ones we attended as kids to the ones we organise as adults, parties are the way we celebrate big events in each other’s lives. Russell and Jelly look at the kinds of parties they’ve attended, share some stories about the things they do to get through the evening, and even share some ideas for helping to organise the event! So helpful.

Silver Screen Queens 155: Captain America: Civil War

4 May 2016 • 50 minutes, 10 seconds

Marvel’s latest offering has arrived, after a publicity tour of…a year or more. The Avengers (including a few new faces) hijack Captain America’s third movie, and after the triumph of The Winter Soldier, it’s a high bar to clear. Civil War is action-packed, musclebound adventure and it’s not a bad way to spend two hours, because even an average Marvel movie is ten times more fun than its nearest competitors.

Mobile Couch 82: Puts Me in Work Mode

2 May 2016 • 48 minutes, 54 seconds

Both Ben and Jelly have worked from home for many years, so they explore the benefits and disadvantages of remote working. Together, they discuss the things you need to do to ensure stuff actually gets done, what your team can do to help you succeed, and why you’d even consider this in the first place.

Topical 60: Electric Cars

29 April 2016 • 23 minutes, 57 seconds

Cars are at a tipping point right now, where electric motors are starting to be more and more common. The question is, however, when will buying an electric car be as reasonable and normal as buying a fuel-powered car, and will the concept of self-driving cars be ushered in as part of this move towards an alternative power source?

Silver Screen Queens 154: Eddie the Eagle

27 April 2016 • 38 minutes, 8 seconds

Based on the true story of British skier Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards who became a sensation as the only British ski jumper at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Starring the charm offensive of Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, this is a classic underdog sports movie in the very best sense. Two of the happiest hours you could spend at the movies. This episode contains zero chill and several excellent puns.

Topical 59: Cars

22 April 2016 • 26 minutes, 46 seconds

Cars are a fairly big part of most adults’ lives, and it’s almost like they live a life of their own. Jelly and Russell share stories about the cars they’ve had over the years, their first experiences buying a car, and the accidents they’ve had.

Silver Screen Queens 153: The Jungle Book

20 April 2016 • 40 minutes, 2 seconds

The first of two live action (CGI-assisted) adaptations of The Jungle Book due out this year, this version is from Disney and features Neel Sethi in the lead, with vocal assistance from Idris Elba, Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley. A thoughtful adaptation featuring excellent visuals and great acting, it’s another great family film from the house of mouse.