Latest Episodes

Mobile Couch 92: Like a Cave Man

19 September 2016 • 56 minutes, 11 seconds

How do you lay out your views? Ben and Jelly look over the different methods available on both iOS and Android, and compare their experiences with each. Together they uncover some of the oddities that can pop up in various circumstances, how to get around them, and which approach rules them all.

Topical 80: Epilogue

16 September 2016 • 30 minutes

How often do you consider how your life will be in the future? If the book of your life ended now, how would the epilogue read? Russell and Jelly discuss the concept of looking forward and planning for the unseen future, whether it’s scary or hopeful, and what they think the future might be like for them.

Silver Screen Queens 174: The Intern

14 September 2016 • 33 minutes, 5 seconds

Another in our occasional ‘there’s nothing on at the movies, what can we find on Netflix by women directors’ series, The Intern is a step out of our comfort zone, and a movie we had really hoped might be good. It has a few things going for it: Anne Hathaway, a lush aesthetic and its heart in the right place, but that’s not really enough to overcome it’s throwback liberalism and cliché-ridden runtime.

Topical 79: The End

9 September 2016 • 20 minutes, 6 seconds

Nothing lasts forever; eventually the heat death of the universe will claim us all. Russell and Jelly consider the ending of things from their lives—school, jobs, relationships, TV shows and podcasts—and how these experiences have affected them and shaped who they are.

Silver Screen Queens 173: High-Rise

7 September 2016 • 32 minutes, 58 seconds

When one of our favourites does an experimental indie we must watch it, and so you have Tom Hiddleston to thank for this episode. While out of our comfort zone, High-Rise has quite a bit to offer in terms of its aesthetic and it’s metaphorical examination of the logical endpoint of neoliberal capitalism.

Mobile Couch 91: Highway to Delete Town

5 September 2016 • 38 minutes, 10 seconds

User notifications have had a big makeover in iOS 10, so Ben and Jelly walk through how notifications work on iOS. Along the way, they highlight some of the newer features available in the new framework, look at when you might choose local notifications over remote notifications, and discuss the two new extension points to use for customising notifications.

Topical 78: Being Indie vs. Working for the Man

2 September 2016 • 26 minutes, 20 seconds

If you work for a big company, chances are, you’ve considered “going indie” at some point. The opposite is also true, as many indies pack up their things and join big companies in search of something different. Jelly and Russell consider the career moves they’ve made, and why they’d “sell out” if it ever came to that.

Silver Screen Queens 172: Kubo and the Two Strings

31 August 2016 • 26 minutes, 44 seconds

Laika, the studio behind CORALINE and PARANORMAN, is back with this elegiac Japanese-inspired saga. Kubo lives a sheltered life with his troubled mother, and just wants to escape. After he attempts to do so, he realises the depth of trouble his mother is hiding, and goes on a quest to re-assemble his father’s armour.

Topical 77: Basic Needs

26 August 2016 • 22 minutes, 47 seconds

If you’re hungry, or tired, chances are you’re not going to be able to reach your fullest potential. Russell and Jelly take a look at the concept of basic needs, how they affect us, and whether some of these needs can be offset with something like a “universal basic income”.

Silver Screen Queens 171: Bad Moms

24 August 2016 • 35 minutes, 21 seconds

We’re not mums yet, but we had quite a bit of fun watching some get (kind of) bad. Kristen Bell is a comic delight, and Jada Pinkett-Smith is criminally under-used, but the six (female!!) leads give funny, fearless performances. They are not well-served by the writing that never quite goes hard enough at the comedy or the feelings, but we can’t help but be happy that this movie is out there, showing the can’t-win-no-matter-how-hard-you-try reality of the lives of mothers today.