Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 132: Creed

2 December 2015 • 32 minutes, 57 seconds

The seventh movie in the ROCKY franchise, CREED follows Adonis Johnson, the youngest son of Apollo Creed, as he recovers from a difficult childhood and moves to Philadelphia to train with Rocky Balboa. Despite almost no hype ahead of its release, we found a subtle, well-made action film inhabited by authentic characters.

Mobile Couch 71: Customers… They Just Don’t Understand

30 November 2015 • 58 minutes, 50 seconds

After talking about dealing with — supporting — clients, Jelly thinks it’s worth touching on supporting the users of your app. He and Ben talk about his experiences with GIFwrapped and get into why it’s important to be positive, how to improve your app to get in front of support requests, and why support can be part of your marketing strategy.

Topical 38: Twitter

27 November 2015 • 21 minutes, 28 seconds

Russell and Jelly have both been on Twitter since around 2008, and since that time it’s gone through many changes, both good and bad. They reflect back on how the social network has grown, how it differs from the other social networks like Facebook, the way it’s morphed over the years, and where it’s inevitably headed.

Topical 37: Eating Out

20 November 2015 • 21 minutes, 44 seconds

While living in a hotel room in Sydney for two weeks, Jelly’s been eating out on a regular basis. He and Russell talk about how you’re trained as a kid to consider fast food a treat, how your treatment of eating out changes as you get older, as well as afflictions like Macca’s Regret and Second-cup Syndrome.

Silver Screen Queens 130: Spectre

18 November 2015 • 39 minutes

Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes re-team after the spectacular SKYFALL with mixed results. James is adequately brutal, Q is adorable, and there are as many enemies within Her Majesty’s government as without. In following on from more modern and successful franchises with more palatable heroes, the Bond series, like its protagonist, struggles to reconcile its history with the modern world.

Mobile Couch 70: Communication Makes it Happen

16 November 2015 • 59 minutes, 11 seconds

If you deal with clients, you’ll discover that there’s a lot of ins and outs to working with them on a project. Ben and Jelly talk about how they deal with clients, from the refining the app idea, through scoping and quoting, to communication and running the project. Along the way, they cover finding the email sweet spot, dealing with clients who want everything, and coming up with your hourly or daily rate.

Topical 36: Preorders

13 November 2015 • 24 minutes, 42 seconds

Jelly’s been doing quite a few preorders lately, and so he and Russell look at how preorders work, how they affect the games and tech industries, and where Kickstarter falls in the world of preordering goods.

Silver Screen Queens 129: Bridge of Spies

11 November 2015 • 42 minutes, 32 seconds

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg team up again to tell the Cold War-era story of an American lawyer recruited to defend an alleged Soviet spy in court, and then help the CIA facilitate a prisoner exchange for an American captured by the Russians. Mark Rylance is a standout in his supporting role, and it looks amazing, but the talent involved isn’t quite enough to make a compelling film.

Topical 35: Winning and Losing

6 November 2015 • 22 minutes, 12 seconds

Winning is awesome, losing not so much. But is there more to it than that? Russell and Jelly were both told as kids that “winning doesn’t matter”, so they look at how they win and lose in everyday life; from Jelly’s traumatic childhood sports stories, to Russell’s attempts at finding success in failure.