Latest Episodes

Silver Screen Queens 122: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

23 September 2015 • 33 minutes, 38 seconds

Spoiler alert for the very beginning of this episode. This is the second in a series of movies about a group of boys (and one girl) who escaped from a glade to find that they were being imprisoned by a shadowy group due to their immunity to a dangerous virus that is threatening humanity. As they journey away from further captivity, they encounter a bleak landscape known as the Scorch.

Mobile Couch 66: Sounds Like a B-Movie

21 September 2015 • 35 minutes, 29 seconds

Ben and Jelly cover some tips and tricks they use to get through their work day, from basics like keyboard shortcuts to bash scripts for automating build numbers.

Topical 28: Drinking

18 September 2015 • 28 minutes, 48 seconds

What are you like when drunk? There’s only really one way to find out, so Russell and Jelly get their drink on to look at drinking, from the social aspects to hangovers.

Silver Screen Queens 121: Gayby Baby

16 September 2015 • 49 minutes, 7 seconds

A couple of weeks ago a Sydney public school decided to run an event to support LGBTI kids featuring a small documentary about four Australian kids with gay parents. A disgruntled scripture teacher, a conservative newspaper columnist and a scared state government combined to ban the film from screening in schools during class time. With the kind of publicity only censorship can bring, the filmmakers have been able to secure a much wider release. Last week we saw the film and interviewed the director Maya Newell and the producer Charlotte Mars.

Topical 27: Holidaying

11 September 2015 • 25 minutes, 24 seconds

Jelly’s looking for some travel tips, so he and Russell discuss some of their past holidays, recounting mis-adventures and some of their more notable instances of culture shock.

Silver Screen Queens 120: Southpaw

9 September 2015 • 33 minutes, 51 seconds

SSQ favourite Jake Gyllenhaal plays a professional boxer who hits rock bottom and must work to earn back his career, his family, and his self-respect.

Mobile Couch 65: The ’80s Always Comes Back

7 September 2015 • 48 minutes, 9 seconds

After dealing with some follow-up about privacy policies, as well as mentioning a couple more methods for handling blocks within blocks, Ben introduces Jelly to the basics of functional programming. Together they walk through their approaches to the handling of a parsed JSON structure, as Ben explains several functions, such as filter, map, reduce and flatMap, as well as the underlying approach and how it can benefit your code.

Topical 26: Science Journalism

4 September 2015 • 20 minutes, 54 seconds

When Russell and Jelly can’t agree on whether podcasts under 30 minutes are definitively better, they bring in an expert to help them solve the mystery with science. While they’re at it, they learn what it’s like to make a science podcast for a major broadcaster.

Silver Screen Queens 119: 9 to 5

2 September 2015 • 32 minutes, 15 seconds

We spotted this classic film on Netflix, and realised we’d gone our whole lives without watching it. Three women take revenge on their sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot of a boss. If you’ve ever had a job, or dealt with microaggressions, you’ll relate.

Topical 25: Pets

28 August 2015 • 26 minutes, 28 seconds

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person, you’ll find that pets become an integral part of your life. But how attached can you become to your pet, and how does their shorter lifespan affect your relationship with them? Even more importantly, however, how do they see you, and is your cat really plotting to kill you?